what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 1 of 30

Wednesday 5 September – Day 1 of 30

Steve woke up this morning to the realization that thirty days from today would be his one-year anniversary on The Cloud. He must have been dreaming about The Earth again. That usually got him thinking about time passing. It was so different up here where no one ever got any older.

He turned over and looked at the empty sleeping space next to his. Up and out already, as usual. His roommate Isaac Newton was 85 and had been here nearly 300 years, but he still treated each new day as a chance to learn something, to beat Einstein at chess, think a great thought, or collar somebody and talk about himself, as he so loved to do. Steve was glad he was gone. He wasn’t up to cheery conversation.

What should he do today?

He was in between jobs now that he had finished his work assignment at The Rectangle and passed his CPO exam. What would they think back home if they heard that The Earth’s most famous CEO was now a Certified Pool Operator on The Cloud?

He didn’t have a therapy session scheduled. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, or Dr. K-R, as he liked to call her, thought they had done enough work for now, and he should integrate, process, come to terms with, work through, etc. What she meant was that he should get over his own death and adjust to life up here.

He had given up trying to get around the crazy Yin-Yang rule. That project had kept him energized, busy, and even hopeful for months, but it was all over now. The enterprise was a fiasco. All he got out of it was a job offer for a job he didn’t want.

Steve closed his eyes. Eventually he would feel hungry. Then he would get up and go over to Julia Child’s tent for breakfast. He tried to remember his dream. Something about those last days on The Earth? It was almost a year ago when he had felt so tired and then suddenly found himself climbing those endless glass stairs with all those strangers.

Dying was a big deal, and he thought he really ought to mark the occasion. But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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