what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 17 of 30

Friday 21 September – Day 17 of 30

Steve woke up this morning feeling desperate and out of control. He knew why. The iPhone 5 was going on sale today down on The Earth and that mangled map app was a major flaw in an otherwise perfect product. This wouldn’t have happened if he were still there!

Apple would lose its shine. Apple didn’t care about its customers. Apple rushed a product to market without adequate testing. Apple would lose its place as the world leader in the art of making innovative products that were beautiful and easy to use.

There was absolutely nothing Steve could do. The Cloud’s ironclad one-way communication rule meant he could not contact his employees via any known method—phone, email, snail mail, telegram, fax, internet—and the experiment with Siri doing the talking had gone nowhere.

This morning, of all mornings, he did not want a one-way conversation with Isaac Newton, who gratefully was still asleep. Steve slipped out of his sleep sack, dressed, and quietly left The Star. For a long while he wandered through the gardens and fields, absorbing the dramatic colors of the vegetables, sampling a few.

He decided he would not go to work, although he was expected. What could they do to him? Kick him off The Cloud? No, because you weren’t allowed to leave until your time came, and his was a long ways off. Send him out to The Beyond? Fine, he didn’t care where he did his time. Put him in a detention cell? No problem, he’d go all Zen on them.

Steve sat down in the shade of an apple tree and reached in his pocket for the handout he had made at work last Monday. All the tracks on Dylan’s new album. He leaned back, closed his eyes, and amped up the volume in his earbuds. He listened to the entire 68 minutes, from the opening Duquesne whistle blowing to the closing elegy for John Lennon. Then he listened to it all again. The music calmed him down, eased his mind, got him thinking about something other than Apple.

When the gardeners and field hands discovered Steve as they arrived for work, they reached an unspoken agreement that they did not need to be in that particular area today. There was plenty of work waiting for them elsewhere.

Steve wanted to stay in the garden forever. He knew, however, that eventually he would get up and get on with his so-called life on The Cloud.

But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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