what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 2 of 30

Thursday 6 September – Day 2 of 30

Steve woke up this morning at the usual time, but he felt like he hadn’t slept at all. Last night had not brought pleasant dreams of his past life on The Earth. Instead, he was hearing a familiar refrain:

“Nobody knows you’re here, Steve.”
“This is no way to live, Steve.”
“Why not just end it, Steve?”
“Just die again.”

The relentless voice in his head was back. He had managed to banish it for the last few months, mostly by exhausting himself with what he knew now were stupid, useless, doomed-to-fail projects.

He had felt such excitement when Gandhi first suggested that Siri might be able to talk to his people at Apple for him. The idea had fizzled out. It wasn’t Siri’s fault. She was willing and confident of her ability to get through, and she would do anything that Gandhi asked her to. The problem was the Big Guy, no surprise there.

Then there was the spaceship enterprise. What a joke! Months of time wasted on research, design, and manufacturing. It was a great success in terms of logistics, mathematical equations, physics calculations, materials use, etc. In terms of meeting his project goals, however, it was a spectacular failure.

Finally, his obsessive research into reincarnation had produced zero results. He had read everything the iTower had to offer, which included everything ever written by anyone. He had also quizzed Gandhi, debated with Isaac, challenged the Big Guy, and finally had to give up. He would have to do his time.

Steve got up, straightened his tatami mat and sleep sack, put on his black turtleneck and the cashmere pants with the deep pockets.

He knew that physical activity would silence the voice in his head. And he had to make it stop, because dying again was not even an option. Nobody died on The Cloud.

He decided to walk over to The Rectangle for a swim. On the way he mused over yesterday’s thought—that he really ought to mark the occasion of his death on The Earth. Now he had a different thought—he should turn that around and mark the occasion of his arrival on The Cloud instead.

But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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