what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 20 of 30

Monday 24 September – Day 20 of 30

Steve woke up this morning from a vivid dream of being born. He could still feel the sensation of floating in wet warm water, then sudden bright light, sounds, and the touch of a soft body next to his. The dream was so strong it stayed in his mind all day.

Was he reliving his birth on The Earth? Which birth? The last one, in San Francisco? Or one before that? Or the next one?

He decided to check in with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross after work to see if she had time for an unscheduled session with him this evening. He wanted to get her insight on the meaning of the dream.

During the long day at work, Steve repeatedly stopped himself from going up to the tenth floor of the iTower to check the news. It was almost a physical struggle between the new Steve–who was letting go of earthly things–and the old Steve–who was still the CEO of Apple. New Steve prevailed.

Dr. K-R did have time to see him. She told him they should both have dinner first; come back in an hour. She seemed genuinely pleased to see Steve again after the almost two-month hiatus since their intensive work together had ended.

“I had a big dream,” Steve said immediately when they met in her office. He had never made small talk at their sessions, and always started talking before he even sat down.

“Yes? Tell me about it.”

Steve related the dream in detail, emphasizing the strong physical feelings that had lingered through the day.

“So what’s it mean? I certainly have no memories of being born, so I’m not dreaming of something I remember, and if I’m dreaming about doing it again, I’m way ahead of myself. I still have 55 years to go!”

Dr. Ross had been watching Steve closely as he talked. Now she took a moment to plan how she would respond. She always chose her words carefully with Steve. He was volatile and passionate and charismatic. In contrast, she was cautious and restrained.

“In my experience, Steve,” she said, “a dream about being born signifies that change is occurring in one’s life. The birth in the dream can be your own, or your child’s, someone else’s child, or sometimes an animal is born. In your case, I think that you have finally finished grieving over your own death, and are starting your life on The Cloud in earnest. You’re literally becoming a new person.”

Steve agreed with this explanation and told her more, about his resolution to stay away from the news about Apple, about the struggle between new Steve and old Steve, about varying his morning routine, about going to a party with Amelia Earhart.

“Are you still trying to circumvent the yin-yang rule? Still trying to find a way to reincarnate early?” she asked.

Steve was taken aback by her sudden question. As usual, she had hit her mark. Yes, he was still harboring his secret desire, still coming up with new scenarios to try, still certain that he, of all people, could find a workaround to this ridiculous rule.

“No!” he said to Dr. Ross. “I’ve given that all up. Look at my dream. You said it yourself. I’m becoming a new person!”

Dr. Ross smiled at him and Steve took his leave. He was going to become a new person.

But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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