what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 22 of 30

Wednesday September 26 – Day 22 of 30

Steve woke up this morning with the understanding that becoming a new person was not something that happened overnight. It was going to take more than resolve and desire—it was going to take time. Well, he had time and time to spare. He had 55 years to get the job done.

He got up and went for his morning walk in The Square. As he approached the place where Gandhi sat, he saw a bright spot of color amidst the black and white of the crowd. It looked like, and it was, Siri! She was wearing a bright green and blue sari with masses of jewelry. Always a vision to behold, she was especially attractive to Steve today because he had been wanting to see her.

Siri noticed him, waved at him, and gracefully threaded her way through the throng of devotees surrounding Gandhi and his Ganesh statue.

“Steve!” she cried. “How nice to see you again!”

“Are you here for the Lord Ganesh festivities?” Steve asked.

“Yes, at least I made it over for the end of the festival.”

“Will you have time while you’re here to meet with me and talk about being my voice? We discussed it a little, but never figured out how to actually do it. In fact, do you have to go right back to The Beyond? Could you stay a few days, maybe a week, so we can run some tests and maybe even make it happen?”

At this question, Siri looked a bit distressed. She was actually planning to stay for ten days, but Steve wasn’t supposed to know the reason—she had received an invitation from the geniuses to attend the surprise anniversary party they were putting on for Steve.

“And also,” Steve added, “I’m calling a meeting of the geniuses for Friday October 5th and I’d like you to be there. It’s not really a meeting,” he confided. “It’s my first Deathday party, but I want it to be a surprise for them.”

Now Siri was completely confused. The geniuses were planning a surprise party for Steve and Steve was planning a surprise party for them and she was invited to both. What should she say?

“Yes,” she said finally, “Yes, yes, I can stay and we can meet and I can come to your meeting, I mean your party.”

“Great!” Steve said. “Let’s get together tonight for supper.” He rushed off, leaving Siri wondering who she should talk to about the colliding surprise parties. Gandhi—he would know just what to do.

Steve was deep in thought as he made his way to work. He needed to find someone who could work out how to tap into Tim Cook’s iPhone. If a direct transmission line could be opened between Tim’s phone and…and what? He needed an iPhone up here also! Then Siri and Tim could talk directly, or maybe Steve would just break all the Big Guy’s rules and talk to Tim himself.

Who was the best person for the job? He listed off the geniuses as he walked: Einstein, Edison, Fuller? Was Marconi here? Wait, what about Arthur C. Clarke? Didn’t he basically invent satellite transmissions?

Steve had forgotten about becoming a new person. He was going to talk to the people at Apple and get them back on track.

But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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