what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 25 of 30

Saturday 29 September – Day 25 of 30

Steve woke up this morning glad that the weekend had finally arrived. His time was his own for the next two days and he knew what he wanted to accomplish. It was no small feat that he set himself. He wanted to save Apple from self-destructing.

He decided to start by just letting his mind wander and see where it led him. Don’t pay attention. Don’t think about it. This was often the best way to arrive at a solution. And the best way to let his mind wander was by going for a very long walk. He gathered up a small notepad and pencil, stopped in at the food tents for some snacks and drinks, and set off around the perimeter of The Cloud. It was a beautiful day, as usual.

As he walked along he could hear children laughing, babies crying, mothers singing lullabies, teenagers gossiping. The sounds were so faint and seemed to be coming from far, far away. Occasionally he may have passed others out walking on the path, but if he did, he didn’t notice.

Steve’s mind expanded and took over his consciousness until he was not even aware of his own physical presence. He could have walked right off the edge of The Cloud and fallen into deep space and been lost forever. Lucky Steve—an invisible barrier had been installed all around The Cloud by the original designer.

He was in an altered state now where everything was possible and anything could happen. What did happen brought him right back to reality. He was suddenly blind-folded, held tight, hugged, kissed, touched all over. He felt surrounded, out-numbered. Someone took his hand and stage-whispered, “Come with me, Steve.”

Furious and frightened, Steve slapped at the air, tried to rip off the blindfold, and struggled with his captors.

“Whoa, mate! It’s just me and the girls! Having a bit of fun.”


The blindfold came off and there they were—John, Lucy, Eleanor, Rita, Michelle, and Dear Prudence. They were all smiling at him, delighted with their prank.

For almost a full minute, Steve just stared at them. He seemed to be frozen, and John grew concerned that he had crossed a line with his friend, transgressed a boundary, gone too far.

“Come on girls, let’s leave Steve to his thoughts,” John said, and they obediently followed him as he turned back the way they had come.

“No!” They turned around again and looked at Steve with great concern.

“I was in another world,” Steve said. “You surprised me and it took me a minute to recognize you. I’m really glad to see all of you!”

Dear Prudence asked her standard question: “Do you want to come and play?”

“Yes, I do,” Steve said. These were his friends, they loved him, they had come to find him, they were here now, they were a big part of his life on The Cloud.

He would go and play. Apple could wait another day.

But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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