what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 3 of 30

Friday 7 September – Day 3 of 30

Steve woke up this morning to the fragrant aroma of hot tea. He rolled over and saw Isaac smiling at him, holding out a steaming cup.

“Yesterday wasn’t one of your better days, was it?” Isaac asked. “I decided a cuppa first thing would be good medicine for your soul.”

Steve had to smile. Ever since they had become roommates on The Cloud, Newton had taken on the role of chief mentor, father figure, adviser, counselor, and any other position of authority he could exercise over Steve. Now he was playing God.

“Thanks, Isaac,” Steve said, accepting the gift. “It’s good medicine for the body, but I don’t know about the soul. My views on the existence of the soul are still evolving.”

Steve knew very well that comment would irritate Isaac, who had made it clear early on that he was a staunch Christian, except for the part about believing in the Trinity.

Isaac didn’t take the bait this time, although he dearly loved debating. He couldn’t remember his own first year on The Cloud — much too long ago — but it was common knowledge among residents that the first year was the hardest. Steve was near the end of his first year and Isaac felt compassion for him, a desire to protect him, to help him.

“After tea shall we have breakfast?” Isaac asked innocently, as though it were something they often did. Actually, they had never gone to breakfast together, because Isaac was always in a great hurry to meet someone somewhere.

“And if we do,” Isaac continued, “let’s not go to Julia Child’s. You go there every day, don’t you? You should try something new once in a while. That’s also good for your soul.”

Maybe Isaac was right.

“Okay,” Steve said, “lead the way.”

Isaac was uncharacteristically silent on the walk to The Ellipse. Here I am going to breakfast with a certifiable genius, Steve thought to himself, and right away the idea came to him.

He would throw a party on the first anniversary of his arrival on The Cloud. Yes, that was it! Set up a Genius Bar, cater the food, do it at the pool. He’d been so wrapped up in himself for the past few months that he hadn’t seen anybody. It would be fun to have a reunion and he’d like it to be a surprise.

But how?

(to be continued tomorrow)

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