what Steve is doing on The Cloud – Day 30 of 30!

Thursday 4 October – Day 30 of 30!

Steve woke up this morning looking forward to his surprise Deathday party, unaware that he was the only one who would be surprised. He was planning to work an extra shift today at the iTower so he could have Friday off. He regretted that he would have no time to devote to Apple for the next two days, but he couldn’t persuade himself to cancel his party. They would just have to muddle along without him, he thought, like they had been doing for a year.

Around mid-morning, Steve received an invite to mark his anniversary by sitting with Gandhi in The Square at three p.m. on October 5, 2012. He was touched by this gesture, but it would have to be a short visit, or he would be late to his own party, and so would Gandhi! In fact, he was a little puzzled by the timing—surely Gandhi hadn’t forgotten that Steve had called a genius meeting?

Meanwhile, the genius planning committee got together to make their final plans for Steve’s surprise party. They and their guests would assemble by three p.m. at the latest; Julia Child, with Jim Henson as her assistant, would arrive even earlier to set up the food tables.

The idea was for Gandhi to come up with a plausible reason to get Steve there at around three-thirty without him suspecting anything.

As the day went on, the thirteen geniuses, and honorary genius Isaac Newton, anticipated tomorrow’s party, and reflected on the past year. They were now close friends with each other, thanks to Steve.

They saw him as their leader, the biggest genius of all, and as such, they forgave his occasional temper tantrums, his depressions, his sometimes arrogant manner. In fact, they loved him, and they could hardly wait to see his face tomorrow when he figured out that his surprise party was really their surprise party.

It took fourteen of them, but they had outsmarted Steve Jobs!


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